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We are a cultural association called "the culture of the heart" aiming to promote culture in every possible way. Therefore, we are developing a new concept towards foreign visitors in order to instigate a fine image of Lebanon.

It is a fact that our local taxi drivers have a lack in both foreign languages as well as good manners. Our idea is simply to upgrade this kind of service towards the tourists that visit us.

We definitely believe that among the key people who are in direct contact with foreigners and therefore can deeply influence their judgment towards our country is the escort person. Therefore, we decided to set up few rules in order to provide a good service aiming to influence our visitor’s impression in a positive way. For this reason, the escort person must at least speak English and French in order to converse easily with his guests. He also needs to improvise and find the adequate solutions in all situations. He has as well to be dressed properly and behave with respect and attention together with a welcoming attitude. He should be able to provide information about the sites guests are willing to visit as well as the political situation of our country that will surely occurs threw their questions, trying to remain as neutral as possible.

This is our approach and we certainly will provide a high standard service together with a customized service for we strongly believe it will make a huge difference as for our guest’s feedback.

The cost of this service is:

For 1 or 2 guests: 150 US$ the entire day.
Beyond 2 guests: 60 US$ the entire day.

Payback to intermediate: 10 US$ per guest.
Sites entrance fees as well as meals are not included.
Cars used are Mitsubishi Outlander 4 x 4 recent types.

In case of further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pierre Bared

First to have crossed Lebanon from its extreme North to its extreme South on the LMT (Lebanon Mountain Trail) all by myself in 22 days.
Head of “Culture of the heart” NGO

بيان العلم والخبر رقم 333 تاريخ 17-02-2017 والمسجل ببيروت في المديرية العامة للشؤون السياسية والاجئين تحت رقم

تاريخ 9-3-2017  4/6689

Tel: 03 801917

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