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Check the issue of Nazi Car in Lebanon (22/July/2010)

I saw few days ago this car while I was driving in Jounieh towards Jbeil-Byblos. I like to post
this photo online, asking Lebanese authority, how we can accept this? I guess owner of the car
will be stopped immediately if he was driving the same car in any European countries! Funny that
in the capture you see up/left a billboard promoting in Arabic “Hold yourself to Lebanon”!!

Dounia Marei - This is highly sarcastic!!! as if the Lebanese people do not have ENOUGH diversities already and reaching out for more!!! I truly wonder when people will take a serious and responsible halt to reconsider where they are heading to? whom they...See More

One Fine Art - Bravo Dounia what a pro comment.. u r right

Nouna Hamze - Honestly, where are we going? I suggest you send this pic to an authorized person to take an action . a question: what happened to the car lisence plate ? where is its number?

One Fine Art - Nouna.. I removed in photoshop... I guess such Hitler style person will shoot me if he saw his plate online... hehe

Gina Saad - Many lebanese are still following blindly without any personal will ..with no conviction nor knowledge nor enough culture in their mind to be able to see a bit more clearly ..this is sad

Manale Mrad - haida wa7ad 3ando shi b rasso

Nouna Hamze - You are right dear friend.. you better keep on the safe side..hehe

Rebecca Matar - Baaklini i remember i read an article few years back about Prince Harry of england who wore a costume (sort of disguise) to a halloween party as a nazi soldier with a small hitler sign band on his arm .. the prince faced endless problems with the media , the ppl And the royal family because of that .. and here i see a lebanese person who feels he needs to actually become "pro-hitler" just because he's a german team soccer fan .. i become speechless

George Mattar - Great coincidence

Maarouf Matar - KEEP THE NUMBER without high light

Nouna Hamze - i just have a question that keeps troubling me : why is everything allowed in lebanon? anyone has an answer there..?

Seleno Aboradi - هلا يالي بيرفع علم أميركا وبريطانيا مش مشكلة والنازية مشكلة؟
الكل بيعرف كم الف لبناني قلت فرنسا وقت الانتداب ! وفي ناس كثير بيرفعو علم فرنسا
المانيا ما قلت حدا من الدول العربية وهتلر قتل يهود متصهينين وليس مسالمين
وليش كل هالقد ما حدا عجبو الص...

Tariq Mahfouz - تعلق ببلدك ... وانا تعلقت ببلدكم

One Fine Art - hehe Tariq barqe we replace u with that nazi style person LOL

Tariq Mahfouz - hahahahahahahahahaha! agreed :D

One Fine Art - Seleno it is photo showing a fact here.. not to mention this or that or defend this or be against that.. simply

Seleno Aboradi - I'm with u leb360, & i replied for what they commented on it ! & if they see its just a photo,then they will not comment on this way or u write this under the photo :)

One Fine Art - Ok Seleno, may God bless you

Seleno Aboradi - thanx & may god bless the zionist killer Hilter :) at least he didnt kill lebanese & arab as france & UK,USA :PPPP

Fayrouz Abboud Shehadeh انا طبعا ضد النازية بس رفع العلم الاميركي يجب ان يكون جريمة ايضا يحاسب عليها القانون . فجرائم الامريكيين في العراق وافغانستان ووكيلتهم اسرائيل في فلسطين وجرائمهم في فيتنام اصبحت توازي جرائم النازية ولا بل تخطتها ... لا لرفع اي علم في لبنان الا علم لبنان... اوقفوا كل راافعي الاعلام وصفوهم عالحيط...يللالالالا

Charles G. Bedran - lei el 3ajab!!?? Bi Lebnan youjad tlat 2a7zab mite5diyn 3a2ydeton min el Naziyeh... . El mishkilleh elta3adeh 3ala 7ou2ou2 el 2a5ariyn... . Abel ma tezolmo 2esan taneh; el Masi7eh yes2al 7allo, Hayk kan el Massi7 sewa?. Will Misslem yes2al, hayk el Nabeh Mou7ammad (sallah el Llah 3alih wa sallam) 3alamna? well Yahoudeh w2aya diyaneh tanieh... . Lil2assaf el 3alam btes2al shou el za3im baddo?. El 2enjill el mou2addas well Qur2an el kariym well Tawrat t7awaro la 5edmet el syassiyyin mish Allah, lil2assaf.

Valentina Gerasimova - is it possible in our days?

Sandra Bolton - This person is very bizarre. It's a message against Israel, he's pro german soccer and that's because all germans are ... nazis?

Ayman Assaf - hay seleno ur here Am with u man (hitler) hope he is still here wo kena khlosna men l zehionst coz we have chicken leaders they cant take any decssions ofcourse except one person '' ''

Seleno Aboradi - yeah Ayman thanx for your support, we dont have leaders we have only some bitches Lo0oL

Charles G. Bedran - Ayman w Seleno, bteftekro Hitler ken wa2aff bass bi atel el Yahoud? Ken kammal 3al 3arab aw mitel ma samouhon "Zounouj/3abiyd el ramel". Ma teftekro hal 3a2ydeh ktiyr ensaniyeh. TWA3o.



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