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Lebanon Culinary Tour

Saskia & Georges
Your Lebanon Specialists
Living Lebanon & TravelWise

May 20, 2017 - May 28, 2017
An 8 days' journey through Lebanon's food & cultural heritage

2250 - 2600 USD per person

During this exclusive 500 kilometer road trip, you will discover the passion of the countryís long-established food culture, while learning how to prepare Lebanonís best local and traditional dishes. You will get an insight into the countryís famous wine production and explore two of Lebanon's UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Qadisha Valley and Byblos. Your travel experience will be completed with a visit to two natural reserves, a beautiful early 19th century palace, a gorgeous Ottoman village, and Lebanonís most impressive cave.
All you have to do is prepare your taste buds and enjoy!

May 20

Arrival in Beirut with Pick-Up from Airport

Check-in at your Boutique Hotel in Beirut
This small hotel is located in a nicely renovated mansion with a charming vintage sitting & dining area and a colorful terrace, situated in one of Beirut's vibrant area's known for its traditional architecture.

1:00 PM - 4 hr
Optional: Guided Tour in Beirut


No country should be visited without exploring its capital and this definitely holds true for Lebanon. For most, Beirut breathes the spirit and has the dynamics of Lebanese life. It is marked by the scars of the Civil War (1975 - 1990) and recent political developments, yet also represents the creation of events that bring people together and makes them move forward and forget about the past. Inhabited by about two million people, Beirut is a city full of history, emotions and division.

During an enriching walking tour, your guide will take yon a journey through the expected and unexpected sides of the capitalís old ruins, urban architecture, socio-religious markers and forgotten places.

9:00 PM - 3 hr
Arabic Night in Beirut

You will experience a real Arabic night out! For dinner, you will be treated on a large selection of hot and cold Lebanese mezze with Lebanese wine, while a belly dancer and an Arabic singer will entertain you during the night.

May 21

8:15 AM - 45 min

Breakfast & Check-out at your Hotel in Beirut

11:00 AM - 2 hr 30 min
Cooking Session with Lunch at a Table d'Hote in West Beqaa

Your host will be a lady with an amazing taste and who became known for her creativity in preparing seasonal Lebanese food. As May is the eggplant and tender vine-leave season, the following 3 main dishes will be cooked:
Stuffed eggplants and yogurt,
Lebanese style moussaka
Wine leaves stuffed with goat labne.
Lebanese dessert is also included.

2:00 PM - 2 hr 30 min
Visit to Two Local Wineries

You will visit the following wineries, where you will enjoy a wine tour and tasting and learn all about Lebanese wines:
Chateau Kefraya: Established in 1979 and located in the gorgeous surroundings of West Beqaa, this is the second largest winery of Lebanon. The wine tour here includes a train ride through the attractive vineyards.
Chateau Clos St Thomas: A small professional and passionate family-run winery, surrounded by a large garden and a chapel. Itís the first winery producing a white wine exclusively made from a Lebanese grape called Obaideh.

5:00 PM Check-in
Check-in & Free Time at Your Boutique Guesthouse in Zahle

This boutique hotel in Zahle has a lovely garden with a swimming pool, and offers great views on the surroundings of Zahle.

8:00 PM - 2 hr
Dinner with Wine at Chateau Khoury

Chateau Khoury is a great example of the new dynamic wineries in the country, introducing some new grapes such as Riesling, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Here, you will enjoy a 3-course French dinner, including a selection of their wines.

May 22

8:45 AM Check-out - 45 min
Lunch and Check-out at Your Guesthouse in Zahle
11:30 AM - 1 hr
A Guided Walking Tour in Deir el-Qamar

Signifying Monastery of the Moon, Deir el-Qamar is a small and charming Christian town located in a serene environment just an hour away from Beirut. In 1590, the town became the capital of Mount Lebanon after a water shortage in Baaqline forced Fakhr el-Dine Maan II to shift his power base to another location.

12:30 PM - 1 hr 30 min
A Lebanese Lunch

You will enjoy a Lebanese lunch in a charming Lebanese boutique restaurant, located in a 1827 palace, where a selection of cold and hot mezze, mixed grill and soft drinks will be served to you.

2:00 PM Check-in - 2 hr
Check-in & Free Time at your Guesthouse in Deir el-Qamar.

This attractive guesthouse, with tastefully decorated bedrooms with private bathrooms and balconies, is surrounded by vegetable gardens and colorful terraces overlooking Beiteddine and Deir el-Qamar.

4:00 PM - 4 hr
A Cooking Session & Dinner at Your Guesthouse

During a 3-hour cooking session, you will prepare the following dishes:
Gundelia with yogurt,
Pumpkin kebbeh
Karouba cookies
For dinner, you will enjoy the cooked dishes along with salads, appetizers and dessert.
Lebanese wine to be served during the cooking session and dinner.

May 23

8:15 AM - 45 min
Breakfast & Check-out at your Guesthouse in Deir el-Qamar

9:30 AM - 2 hr
Visit to Beiteddine Palace

You will enjoy a 2 hours' guided visit to Beiteddine Palace, a spectacular example of early 19th-century Lebanese architecture, displaying an abundance of beautiful structures, antique furniture and fine mosaics.

1:00 PM - 3 hr
Lunch & Beaching at a Beach Resort in Byblos.

You will enjoy a lunch and an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming at Byblos' most famous beach club.

4:00 PM Check-in - 30 min
Check-in at Your Guesthouse in Batroun

In this lovely guesthouse just outside of Batroun, rooms are surrounding a lush garden full of fruit trees and little sitting areas.

5:00 PM - 3 hr
Cooking Session with Dinner in Batroun

You will enjoy a 2-hour sea food cooking session, during which you will prepare the following two main courses:
Siyadiyeh (fish, onions and rice)
Kebbit Samak (fish kebbe)

For dinner, the prepared dishes will be served with fattouch, hummus, pickled sea weed, fruits, lemonade and coffee.

May 24

8:15 AM - 45 min
Breakfast & Check-out at your Guesthouse in Batroun

11:00 AM - 3 hr
Visit and Hike in Qadisha Valley
You will discover the spectacular scenery and beautiful nature of Qadisha Valley, home to the first Christian monasteries of Lebanon. After a visit to Mar Elisha, your guide will take you on a 2.5 hour breathtaking loop hike through the valley, where you will visit five more monasteries and hidden (cave) churches, two of them being normally closed to the public. He will share with you the stories of the monk and hermit life in the monasteries, and tell you about the many saints worshiped in the area.

On your way, you will enjoy a picnic with a freshly prepared lunch bag filled with organic pleasures.

4:00 PM Check-in - 1 hr
Check-in & Free Time at your Guesthouse in Hadath el-Jebbeh

This charming and friendly auberge originates from 1928, and following renovation was re-opened as a guesthouse in September 2014.

5:00 PM - 3 hr
Home-Cooking Session & Dinner in Hadath el-Jebbeh

During this home-cooking session, you will prepare shish barak: dough stuffed with meat and pine nuts, and cooked in yogurt, garlic and coriander.
After the cooking session, a dinner with shish barak and several other dishes will be enjoyed.

May 25

8:15 AM - 45 min
Breakfast & Check-out at your Guesthouse in Hadath el-Jebbeh

9:30 AM - 3 hr
Hike in the Tannourine Reserve

The Tannourine Nature Reserve is one of Lebanonís densest cedar forests and home to 25 percent of the countryís cedars. The rocky terrain and steep slopes in this stunning mountainous landscape are perfect for hiking and climbing.

1:00 PM - 1 hr 30 min
Lunch at a Guesthouse in Douma

During this lunch - a real local culinary experience - you will be treated on delicious home-cooked and typical local dishes, prepared by the lady of this friendly family-run rural guesthouse.

3:00 PM Check-in - 2 hr
Check-in & Free Time at Your Guesthouse in Douma

Located in a beautifully restored 19th century house, this guesthouse offers a comfortable and most hospitable home away from home.

5:00 PM - 3 hr
Cooking Session & Dinner at Your Guesthouse

During your cooking session, you will learn how to prepare a typical dish from the region called maakroun bítoum: Lebanese noodles and potatoes with garlic.
For dinner, tabboule, shanklish, hummus, kebbeh bil sayniyeh and of course the maakroun bítoum will be served.

May 26

9:00 AM - 45 min
Breakfast & Check-out at your Guesthouse in Douma

11:00 AM - 2 hr
Visit to Baatara Sinkhole with Picnic Lunch

This impressive 255-meter deep, three level huge limestone cavern was eroded by water over a period of 160 million years. In winter and spring, the 90-meter waterfall runs fiercely down three natural bridges, providing some stunning images.
For lunch, a picnic at the sinkhole will be enjoyed.

2:00 PM Check-in - 3 hr
Check-in & Free Time at Your Guesthouse in Aqoura

This guesthouse is surrounded by cherry and apple trees, and has a beautiful shaded garden with many areas to relax and enjoy the silence and great views. The ideal place to enjoy a proper rural experience.

5:00 PM - 3 hr 15 min
Cooking Session & Dinner at Your Guesthouse

During the cooking session, you will prepare the following dishes:
Tbaybiseh: an unique and yummy vegetarian dish made with burghol, pumpkin and onions
Potatoes with walnuts
The dinner will of course include the Tbaybiseh and potatoes with walnuts, which will be served with loubieh bil zeit and a generous selection of tas Lebanese mezze, followed by a delicious mixture of Lebanese desserts with coffee and tea.

May 27

8:45 AM - 45 min
Breakfast & Check-out at your Guesthouse in Aqoura

10:15 AM - 2 hr
Walking Tour in Byblos

Byblos is a charming and laid-back village and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world with a UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 1984. It has a picturesque ancient fishing harbor and an attractive and quiet historical center; at some places surrounded by old walls. Presumably, it is in Byblos where the Phoenicians created the first 22 letter phonetic alphabet. This alphabet was adopted by the Greeks in 800 BC, and later became the foundation of our modern Latin alphabet.

During your guided walking tour, you will visit Byblos' main landmarks: the Souks, Saint Jean-Marc cathedral, Byblos port, Byblos Fossil Museum and the famous archaeological site with Crusaders Castle.

12:30 PM - 1 hr 30 min
Lebanese Pottery-Cooked Lunch

A Lebanese lunch, exclusively cooked using the traditional pottery (foukhara) cooking technique, including Lebanese wine, water and soft drinks.

2:45 PM - 1 hr 30 min
Visit to Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto is one of the most fascinating grottos in the world. The astonishing nine kilometers long cave has some splendid and stunning rock formations and is filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites - a must see if you visit Lebanon!

You will visit the upper caves and enjoy a cruise in a boat in the lower water basin.

5:00 PM Check-in - 1 hr 30 min
Check-in & Free Time at Your Hotel in Beirut

You will be staying at a recently opened urban hotel, located centrally in one of Beirutís most vibrant and cosmopolitan areas. The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool, a gym and a cafe/restaurant.

7:00 PM - 2 hr
Armenian Dinner in Beirut

With its many Armenian inhabitants, Beirut is famous for its Armenian cuisine. During your dinner, you will enjoy some famous dishes at Beirut's most popular authentic Armenian restaurant.

May 28

7:30 AM
Breakfast & Check-out at your Hotel in Beirut
Breakfast will be served from 7:30 till 9:30 pm.
Check-out can be performed till noon.
Transfer to Beirut Airport
For more info contact - Or call 961 3 222781

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