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Hiking Rashaya - Independence Day with Olistrails 

Here's one of the best ways for everyone to celebrate our Independence Day! 

Join Olistrails to celebrate our country’s Independence Day on the 22nd of November by hiking to and visiting the Citadel of Independence situated in the Rashaya District. 


Our hike will start in Kfar Qouq, a village situated in the Rashaya district, from where we are going to get to our first rest point under the Tree of Wishes, and then we are going to head towards Rashaya’s Historical Souk. After that, we are going to visit the Citadel of Independence and continue to reach the highest point in Rashaya (1300m. above sea level). 

We can have our lunch break either at the Citadel of Independence or at the highest point, facing Mount Hermon or Jabal Al-Shaykh. 

- Distance: 10 Km 
- Altitude: 1000m – 1300m (above sea level) 
- Hiking Duration: 4 hours 
- Level: easy to moderate 
- Departure: 7:00 a.m. SHARP 
- Return: 6:00 p.m. 
- Meeting point: bata dbayeh 
Jbeil might also be a meeting point based on the number of participants. 

- Fees: 30,000 LBP 
25,000 LBP per individual for groups of 4 and more 
5,000 LBP for children from 12 years and below 
- We can pick up hikers living on our way. 
- Pullman Transportation and guide included. 
- Insurance is not included. 


- This hike will be guided by Mr. Nizar Mhanna. 
- All ages are highly welcomed. 
- On our way, we will be stopping for breakfast. 
- Kindly note that smoking is not allowed. 

- Don’t forget to get with you: 
- 2 liters of water. 
- Sweatshirt and jacket. 
- Energy boosting snacks. 
- Small lunch for lunch break. 

For reservation: 
- Oliver: 76 13 16 51 (whatsapp, call or message) 
- Mariella: 70 97 97 01 (whatsapp, call or message) 
- Olistrails (Facebook Message or Instagram DM) 

(places are limited) 

We are looking forward to meeting all of you. 

Never forget that: “With every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir 

Happy Independence Day from Olistrails. 

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