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Foot Prints Club - Schedule of November 2017 will be:

Sunday 05 Nov 2017:
Trip 402: Hiking from Dahr El-Qadib to Tannourine
A new trail that will take us this Sunday to walk in a very beautiful region on top of the highest mountains of Lebanon. We will start our trip from Dahr El-Kadib on the road between Cedars and Bekaa and head on top of the mountains to reach Tannourine...

Sunday 12 Nov 2017:
Footprints with Beirut Marathon
The Footprints Nature Club guides are gladly assisting the Beirut Marathon Association to organize a main project during the Beirut Marathon on 12 November 2017.

Sunday 19 Nov 2017:
Trip 403: Hiking from Jurd Beit Ayoub to the Amazing Qamou3a
The most beautiful region to walk in Lebanon's nature is surely the region of Qammou3a... And in this amazing Fall weather, it is surely the best region to walk in this Sunday... That is why we chose a new trail to walk to that region, starting from Jurd Beit Ayoub to Jabal 3oroba and ending in the famous and most beautiful forest Ghabet El-3other in Qamou3a...

Sunday 26 Nov 2017:
Trip 404: Hiking in Wadi Qannoubine
The splendid valley of Qannoubine will be our destination this Sunday. We will walk on a splendid trail in the valley that fits both the easy and medium levels...

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