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Hiking Jabal Moussa reserve
Date:19 November 2017
Team name: Golden Feet

This hike will be in Jabal Moussa reserve in Ftouh Keserwan, you will have many reasons to keep your cameras handy. From the moment you start hiking until the moment you stop, there will be scenes you'll want to cherish.

In 2009, Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve and the surrounding villages became part of the UNESCO network of biosphere covers an area of 6500 hectares at an altitude ranging between 350 meters and 1750 meters.

The Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve presents a rich diversity of flora and fauna. At least 350 flora species are found in the reserve, and itís a Global Important Bird Area (IBA) as per BirdLife International criteria. It presents a variety of migratory and soaring birds which appear depending on the seasons.

Jabal Moussa is renowned for the unspoiled historic Adonis Valley with its ancient agricultural terraces and trails that date back to Roman times. The valley features rivers and streams, mixed forests with oak, pine and olive groves and many important plant species.

Our hike will start from the village of Qehmez, itís an easy and beautiful walk. From Baydar El-Shawk you will continue along a trail leading to the old well, then to the Cross site. You will also be able to see rare views particular to this altitude terrain, itís impressive. Then we will continue downhill to Mar Elias Church in mchaty.
Lunch break will be in nature in a nice place in the region(plz bring your snacks with you).

Departure:8:00 AM from Jounieh near "cafe Abi Nasr" behind stade Fouad Chehab.
For reservation and for more information: Roland kamel:03/418894

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